VIP Programs

VIP programs are intense and created to cultivate change and UP-LEVEL you to your best Self.  Food, Movement and Mindset.

Coaching to transform you. Motivation to reach your goals.


Personalized Food Plans created to support your goals in a way that’s sustainable.

No more Yo-Yoing.


An active lifestyle is important.  We work with you to create a functional movement plan that is aligned with how you want to live your Life.


You are your thoughts.  Learn to train your mind to work FOR you. Intentions. Affirmations. Reframing.

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourSelf.

Plans and Pricing

Our VIP programs are the most in-depth programs in the city.  Dig deep and make lasting change.

Our goal is to inspire you to make ANYTHING possible!

What Our VIP Clients Are Saying

Thanks Patricia . Read a novel early last night. Slept well. Worked out today doing intervals as suggested. Much better to raise my heart beat. Fruit in am and salad at lunch. Cleaning my side of the street.

Thanks coach! You are inspirational and a calming influence. Have a nice evening. David B.


Amazing news tonight! I am not only down 21.2 pounds by eating whole healthy foods, but Patricia Jean-Vezina helped me conquer a fear — doing a crow pose in yoga! I have always been afraid that I’m going to fall flat on my face and break my nose. Tonight during our walk, Patricia said, come on let’s do a somersault and then a crow. I was terrified but there I was, with her beside me, on the grass, first doing a somersault and then getting into crow position! Fear conquered! Laurie P.

HUGE thank you to Patricia Jean-Vezina for helping me today. Patricia is one of these incredible women who is so authentic, supportive, active, wise, motivating, strong, gentle, gorgeous and absolutely lovely. Today, Patricia spent hours with me helping me organize a workable schedule/life-routine — something I have been just too overwhelmed to tackle. I needed serious help & support and she provided it to me. I am so grateful to know Patricia and have her in my life. She really helped me today not only by putting realistic time-blocks together but by letting me know & believe I am worthy. Deepest respect & love for her. I simply couldn’t have done it without her. Much love Deep breaths — ahhhh, I feel much better! Beth M.

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