VIP 1:1 Transformation Coaching – Ottawa ONLY


I’m going to spend over 20 hours with you, in your home and/or at my office to ensure that you’re successful during the 6 weeks of mentoring.



I’m excited to chat about my services that are going to help you finally get that DREAM body that will make you feel unstoppable.

Do you:

Have difficulty staying accountable to your goals?

Feel defeated because you’ve “been-there-done-that”?

Feel confused as to why you aren’t getting the results you want?

Are you:

Tired, stressed, pressed for time?

Getting results in your work-life but not at home?

Settling for average?

I’ve been lucky to work with some of the most amazing people and have watched them not only lose the weight they wanted but gain energy and overcome some serious health issues as a result of our work together.  They walk away from our transformative work feeling like they can accomplish ANYTHING.  And many of them do!

As I move ahead in my own life and business, it’s my desire to continue to offer unmatched service and results that improve my clients’ lives.

I know that one of the reasons my clients experience drastic results is that I listen to them and create a custom VIP experience that no other transformation coach can offer.  A long-term and sustainable solution to making you feel pain-free in a body that “feels like YOU”.  A body that matches your heart and your core.  A body that SHINES.

As I mentioned, no one else offers this level of coaching.  For 6 weeks, I will be coming to your home to guide and mentor you towards your goals.

How am I going to solve your problems?

  • I’m going to prepare an easy to follow plan that will slowly change your habits so that you see and feel the results you desire.  We’ll overcome one problem at a time until you have the body and life of your dreams.  Trust me – how you eat and treat your body is directly reflected in all of your relationships…. as you evolve, so will they.  You will find a new normal at a higher level and vibe than your current state.
  • I will show you how to use your health as a way to accomplish ANY goal

How will I coach you in order for you to get your results?

  • goal setting
    • We’ll look at ALL of your goals.  Write them down.  Plan them out and then CRUSH them.  I’ll be beside you every step of the way.  Cheering you on and gently pushing you over obstacles and barriers that are blocking your path.
      • 3 sessions plus weekly accountability
  • food prepping 
    • We will cover tips and techniques.  What tools you need and how to store and pack food for your daily life.
      • 1 session education piece
  • how to eat
    • Just like it sounds.  We’ll start building some healthy habits around when, where and how much.
      • 2 session with weekly follow-up
  • food planning and what to eat
    • this is where the magic begins.  We’ll sit down together, at your kitchen table, and create a meal plan that is 100% designed for you.  Vegetarian?  No problem.  Hate fruit?  No problem.  Still want to eat bread?  No problem.  This is for YOU and is meant to inspire you to want to eat with PURPOSE and create JOY in the kitchen.
      • 3 sessions and weekly follow-up
  • how to move your body
    • We’ll look at your current movement.  What do you do and what CAN you do?  If you have limitations… we’ll find a solution to get you creating that adventurous spirit and energy of possibility.  Movement can include: daily living active lifestyle (walking, incorporating exercise into current lifestyle), yoga, thai yoga, home-based exercise or gym work-outs.
      • 1 session to plan your activity level and commitment
      • 3 sessions to learn techniques (over 6 weeks) with accountablility as determined by you and me

How long will that take?

I’m going to spend over 20 hours with you, in your home and/or at my office to ensure that you’re successful during the 12 weeks of mentoring.

Prefer a group setting?  I have the same VIP program offered as a 13 week group program at my office on St. Laurent Blvd. starting in January 2020

Keep it REAL and live a Life on Purpose





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