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Over 20 hours of 1:1 or group mentoring covering goals, how to eat, what to eat, how to prepare foods, how to overcome obstacles, how to up level your health, how to eat for FUEL and Nourishment…. or like we say “how to brew your own BLISS”

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Our membership plans keep you up-to-date in nutrition, movement and mindset.  Weekly videos, recipes and membership discounts on designer and exclusive programs.

What Our Clients are Saying

As for my weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle takeover — I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have Patricia in my life helping me. My doctor had a very serious discussion with me this morning about how crucial eating and living this healthy whole food way is to my wellness & mental stability. My doctor said, it is not something I can EVER, EVER get off of or stop. She reminded me that every time I see or hear the word sugar to associate it with the word toxic because that is precisely what it does to my body system. Sugar, junk food, and unhealthy people, are absolutely detrimental to my wellness (physically & mentally). My old default setting included drive-thru McDonald’s junk food, processed chocolate, and depressing/tragic/intense/dark boyfriends or friends — I will never, ever go down that road again and I’m doing everything in my power to change my default setting to happy, healthy, positive, stable, confident, motivating and inspiring people & food. Patricia is one of those incredible people and I am so damn lucky to have her in my life.

Laurie P.

–gently persuasive, but not pushy   –knows her subject     –believes in her message   –has a deep concern about where the food industry is taking us, and wants to share with her clients her nutritional knowledge that will help them make healthier choices.

Some results of her guidance:

1. My belt buckle is seeing notches on my belt that it hasn’t seen for years.

2. I feel more positive about the foods that I eat.  I have discovered that there are foods out there in the modern market place that are not only tasty, but that are good for you.

3. In a household of three adults, I am the leading advocate of pure and nutritional foods.  For fifty years I have let the distaff side of the house make all food choices.  Now I try to steer selection in a healthier direction.

Bud V.

J’utilise les services de Patricia tous les mardis depuis septembre. Et c’est merveilleux tout ce que ça m’a apporté! J’ai plus de temps à consacrer à mon entreprise et à mon amoureux. Je suis énergisée, je dors mieux, je me sens mieux, je n’ai plus de fringale et j’ai éliminé du gras! Je peux maintenant relaxer le dimanche, ma seule journée de congé dans la semaine. Je n’ai plus à penser à ce que je vais manger. En plus, je mange santé, varié, coloré! Tout ce qu’elle suggère est savoureux! Merci, merci, merci Patricia d’offrir un tel service!

Chantal S.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Pilates Vitalité

I love love love this message–almost as much as I love you!! I have always loved what you brought into my life. Thank you!!

Jill F.

Mom Extraordinaire

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