What new diet are you to going to TRY this week? 

Is it going to be a low carb, high protein diet? 

How about a juice fast or a juice cleanse? 

Fad diets, quick fixes and overnight success stories are sexy. There’s no denying that it’s much more appealing to do a 3-day juice cleanse and lose 7 pounds then it is to make changes FOR LIFE.

But here’s the thing: 

The fad diets minimize or outright deny the work involved and the commitment you must make when wanting to lose weight, keep it off forever and create a state of optimal health for you and your body. 

I’m going to tell it to you straight. I’m hoping this won’t come as a shock to you but I’m guessing that you already know…


Dieting creates a negative state of health in your body. The entire diet experience is centered on a whole bunch of ‘don’ts’, ‘off limits’, ‘can’t have’s’, and deprivation. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to say “no thank you” to a piece of cake NOT because you are on a diet and can’t have it BUT simply because you don’t feel like eating that at the moment?  And saying it with confidence? Knowing that if you wanted it, you could actually have it and it wouldn’t sabotage your efforts? 

When you stop dieting, feelings of pressuring yourself become non-existent. 

That’s when you know that your ‘diet’ has turned into a lifestyle. You have a different relationship with yourself and with food. 

So how do you get there? 

Read these 3 tips below and implement them right now. 

Tip # 1: Make A Firm Decision

Like I’ve mentioned above… a diet is something you go on and off of. You have a bad day and you’ve gone off your diet. You have a bad week and you never get back on your diet. 

Stop trying diets. Stop trying to eat healthy. Stop trying to lose weight.

I know, shocking, right?

Instead make a firm decision to make some changes with INTEGRITY.

Do not waiver. 

It’s a shift in your outlook on eating healthy. 

Making this firm decision requires a mindset shift. It’s no longer about trying to eat healthy. It simply becomes a way of life. 

This new mindset deletes the on and off rollercoaster that is dieting. It’s helpful for those bad days of ‘cheating’. The idea of cheating no longer exists. Instead of ‘cheating’, you just realize that you’re making some unhealthy choices. 

So what if you have a bad day and binge on some unhealthy foods? 

Making a firm lifestyle change means that you have many more days to make healthy choices.  A whole lifetime, in fact. It’s a continual practice and work in progress. It involves making small, impactful changes over a long period of time. It’s not an all or nothing plan.

Failure and disappointment don’t exist because there’s no “falling off the wagon”. If you made the wrong food choice, you simply look at it like you ate some crap that wasn’t good for you. Accept it and move on. Make the next meal or snack healthy. Done.  Don’t spend another minute of guilt or shame on it.  Accept your moment of weakness and MOVE ON.  You’ll have another opportunity to move towards your goal very soon.  At your next meal, in fact.  Don’t throw away the whole day because of one poor judgement call.

Making a firm decision to be healthy is living your life without the constant anxiety of ‘being on a diet’. 

That’s what working with me will do for you.  I’ll coach you on how to enjoy your food, your body and your mind.  You’ll have a whole different relationship with yourself and your meals. It’s an entirely different way of looking at it. I’ll teach you to focus on the great stuff you have in your life and the foods that will help you to shed fat and actually promote health. 

Tip #2: Being Healthy Is Just Who You Are

Have you ever heard this before, “Oh, Jenny can’t eat that… she’s on a diet.” Or how about “Oh God, here we go, Jenny’s going to take 5 minutes to order”. 

The above phrases are typically never said in a positive manner. They are always said with some kind of negative connotation. 

Why is that? 


The person dolling out the negative comments is not happy with themselves. When YOU make healthy choices it threatens THEIR way of life. They know they should be making healthy changes but just don’t have it in them to do so. 

When you accept the second helping of lasagna because you don’t want to offend the host or don’t modify your choice at a restaurant because you don’t want to be the odd man/woman out, what you are really saying is that someone else’s feelings are MORE important then your own health and happiness

It’s not your perogative whether or not people are offended by your choices. They could have chosen better food choices, too. Their feelings about their own choices are THEIR issue, not yours. 

Let it go! 

But remember, losing weight is not about dieting or taking a “diet break” when you are socializing. 

It’s about simply being healthy because it’s your way of life. When you go to a party you choose to bring a couple of dishes so there is something for you to eat. When you are socializing with friends at a restaurant, you take longer to order because you make multiple modifications to the menu. And that’s OK.

You pretty much always pass on the high sugar, high fat desserts. 

You do all of these things not because you are on a diet and can’t eat that or because you are trying to be snobby by eating healthier foods. You do all of these things because being healthy is just who you are and you are WORTH it.

People move mountains to make sure my family and I have food to eat when we socialize. Whenever we go anywhere I either bring a couple of side dishes or offer to bring a dessert. They are not offended because this is my CHOSEN way of life. 

I don’t make comments on their unhealthy food choices because that’s their choice. They eat what they eat and we eat what we eat. 

Imagine how relieved you will feel knowing that your choices aren’t coming from being on a diet. Your choices are made because it’s just WHO YOU ARE. 

Tip # 3: Ditch The Junk

Get rid of the junk and processed foods. Even those that are being marketed as ‘healthy’. You know that I’m talking about… The granola bars, the 100 calorie snacks, the fat free treats and the diet foods. 

Get rid of them because they don’t fit into the paradigm of who you are. 

Our bodies are designed to eat healthy foods. Real food that is grown in the ground or picked from trees. 

We’ve run out of time to make excuses about eating real food. There is no more time to start again on Monday. Your bodies deserve to eat real food that is nourishing – STARTING NOW. 

Your children deserve to thrive and live a life free from preventable diseases and known symptoms associated with eating junk and fake foods. 

Junk food is not a part of who you are. Sure, there is a time and place to indulge in tasty desserts but when you make the shift from dieting to living a healthy lifestyle those same foods will lose their appeal. 

Healthy living doesn’t seem sexy or as appealing as taking the easy way out. But the easy way out never lasts. I am here to help you identify and implement these 3 tips. We have all run out of time for making excuses and starting again on Monday. 

Choose a different way… a proven way that has nothing to do with dieting and everything to do with permanent fat loss and lasting health. 

Call me today to get started on creating a healthier and happier YOU. 

Eat Kale and live a Life on PURPOSE,

Patricia Jean-Vézina, RHN


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