What is brewINg BLISS?

Brewing Bliss is about creating your own happiness. It’s about becoming aware of what REALLY nourishes you. Not just physically but on every single layer of your being. Tapping into yourSelf so that you start feeling really darn good. Because at the end of the day, that’s what you really want. To feel FANTASTIC… in your body ~ in your mind ~ and deep in your Soul.

Brewing Bliss combines the five elements of nourishment into it’s coaching principles so that you start living YOUR inspired life.


Your Healthy Dinner in 5 Steps

Your Dinner Made Healthy in 5 Steps {Recipe Below} You think you're probably eating healthy meals, but aren't sure? If your weight loss has slowed, or even stopped, then there's a good chance that you haven't been eating as healthy as you could. I'm going to help you...

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5 Steps to End Emotional Eating

We all do it.  We eat a chocolate bar thinking.... hoping.... that somehow it will make us FEEL better. It usually doesn't.  In fact, most of my clients report feeling WORSE. So why?  How?  What do we do? How can we end the emotional eating battle?  Lots and lots of...

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11 Holiday Tips

This is the time of year where insulin levels can sky rocket, throwing your blood sugar levels out of whack and causing you to store the food you eat as fat. Your focus should be on eating balanced meals while consuming low glycemic foods.  Do this and you'll avoid...

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Case Study – LP

Transformation happens from the inside out.... *LP* and I crossed paths at a yoga event.  She was the keynote speaker discussing mental health and the benefits of yoga.  She was exuberant and passionate. We exchanged FaceBook profiles. As I followed her on FB I...

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I'm super passionate about sharing my brain, experiences and client successes with you.  Welcome to the tribe.

Welcome to my SoulTribe!