What is brewINg BLISS?

Brewing Bliss is about creating your own happiness. It’s about becoming aware of what REALLY nourishes you. Not just physically but on every single layer of your being. Tapping into yourSelf so that you start feeling really darn good. Because at the end of the day, that’s what you really want. To feel FANTASTIC… in your body ~ in your mind ~ and deep in your Soul.

Brewing Bliss combines the five elements of nourishment into it’s coaching principles so that you start living YOUR inspired life.


Portobello Burger with Kale/Sesame Pesto

My 12 year old (going on 18) daughter challenged me to go vegan with her for 2 weeks. I accepted her challenge and here's the best part - she cooked 50% of the meals.  Seriously - a first in our house.  But it was a blast.  The romantic in me just couldn't help but be...

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Want to Eat Carbs Without Getting Fat?

One of the biggest challenges I deal with as a nutritionist and fat loss expert is the issue of fat storage from eating carbohydrates. There is a huge belief that eating carbs is the WORST thing for fat loss, and for most people, that’s 100% true. Here's the thing...

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When your BF makes you an omelet <3

My amazing boyfriend decided to make me breakfast this morning.  He wanted to make sure I ate before going to teach.  And he knows how much I LOVE eggs. He grabbed some veggies and started chopping away. I think he stole my heart (again) with his omelet idea. So why...

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Tuna Mustard and Olives

Yesterday we had a mindset and movement nudge thanks to International Yoga Day. So today, I'm inviting you to try something new. Or perhaps it's something you do already. Tuna and mustard and green olives A friend introduced this to me a couple of years ago. My first...

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Coconut Oil Bias

Last week I sent a post about coconut oil and how I use it for everything. Shortly after I received a text with a link to a Huffington Post article about how coconut oil isn’t as good as we’ve grown to think. Why? Because the American Heart Association claims that...

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VIP Alumni Offer to July 1st

VIP 1:1 Alumni Offering Never heard of my VIP offer? No one else offers this level of coaching. For 6 weeks, I will be coming to your home to guide and mentor you towards your goals.   How am I going to solve your problems? I’m going to prepare an easy to follow plan...

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